Eastview Chronicles (In French only)


Eastview Chronicles take place as part of the Museopark’s activities every first Thursday of the month between 11 am and 1:30 pm. They are an opportunity to bring together seniors from Vanier (formerly Eastview) as a part of a digital meeting; privileged moment where our oldest vanierois share their childhood memories and memories of the neighborhood that saw them grow up.


Many historical facts have been collected by the Museopark. There are also many anecdotes that constitute our oral heritage that are recorded on this occasion by our curator. Among the escapades experienced by our witnesses, we note the famous turpitudes of Father Barrette, the bad blows made by a band of teenagers on the field of the White Fathers, the splendor of the parades of St. John the Baptist or the story of the fire that ravaged the former Eastview Hotel.

You too can contribute to Vanier’s memoirs by participating in our connected chronicles!

Free activity, intended primarily for seniors


The digital format of The Eastview Chronicles is made possible through the support of the Ottawa Community Foundation, which we sincerely thank.

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