The Vanier Circuits

Discover Ottawa’s francophone district thanks to the Vanier Circuits!

These walks through Vanier allow you to discover several historical murals and other architectural or natural points of interest in the neighborhood. The Vanier Circuits originated from an initiative of the Museopark, in collaboration with the tourism organization Direction Ontario, in the summer of 2008.

Guided tours are possible for 5 different tours (count $5 per person for a minimum of 5 people):

  • Richelieu Park Circuit: 40 minutes
  • Beechwood Avenue Circuit: 1h
  • Montreal Road Circuit (Part 1): 1h30
  • Montreal Road Circuit (Part 2): 1h30
  • McArthur Avenue Circuit: 1h20

Publi’Art murals

In 1998, the Publi’Art Committee, supported by a large number of public and private donors, initiated more than 30 murals in the Vanier neighborhood. Some murals are inspired by the history of the region and others have been imagined by the artists involved in the project.

The paintings have now become the property of the Museopark and our Vanier Circuits invite you to discover their history.

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