Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Principles of the Vanier Museopark

At the Museopark, we strongly believe in protecting the personal information we collect for business purposes about our customers. To that end, we have developed our privacy policy. In addition, we have developed principles to help us interpret and enforce our privacy policy. Our online privacy policy also helps us protect the privacy of visitors to our website:

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the protection of personal information, please contact the General Manager of the Museopark.

Privacy Policy

At the Museopark, we strongly believe in protecting the personal information we collect for business purposes about our customers, employees, suppliers and other entities. In addition, we value the trust placed in us to responsibly manage the personal information we collect.

For this reason, we have developed these guidelines on the protection of employee and non-employee personal information. We have also established a set of principles for the protection of employee and non-employee personal information. These principles guide us in putting these guidelines into practice and in our handling of personal information.

These guidelines and related principles are designed to help us manage the collection, use, disclosure, retention, accuracy and protection of personal information fairly and effectively. Of course, all employees who use personal information must comply with these guidelines and our principles.

We are committed to following these guidelines and our principles. We further undertake to comply with any privacy law that applies to any personal information we may collect.

We encourage our clients, the general public and anyone else to learn more about our privacy guidelines by visiting, talking to a Museopark employee or by contacting the Museopark’s General Director.

From time to time, these guidelines and our principles may be modified to meet the changing needs of our business or to comply with changes to applicable privacy laws.

Online Privacy Policy

Information about our privacy guidelines and Internet use.

Our website offers a variety of activities for which children do not have to provide personal information. We only collect a limited amount of personal information from children under the age of 12 (such as their email address) to respond to their requests online. For example, we may collect a child’s e-mail address to send a screen saver, but then we remove the e-mail address from our system without delay. Or, we can collect a child’s email address to enter a contest. We may also ask a child to provide a parent’s email address so that we can notify and obtain their consent. We do not collect more specific information, such as a mailing address or phone number, from children over the age of 12, except with the consent of a parent or guardian. The Museopark will not base a child’s participation in an online activity on this child’s communication of personal information that is not required for participation in this activity.

Personal information collected from children is only used by the Museopark or other entities that execute orders or provide technical services. For example, these entities may offer services, such as improving our websites, meeting requests, or administering quizzes. Information obtained from children is not sold or transferred to third parties.

We encourage parents to regularly monitor and control the online activities of their children. In order to access the personal data that we may hold on your child or to ask us to delete or no longer use this data, we thank you for contacting us.

Links to other websites

We may offer links to websites that are not operated by The Museopark. The Museopark is not responsible for the policies or practices of other companies. If you visit any of these websites to which we refer, we invite you to read their policies, including the protection of personal information.

The ten principles of protecting the privacy of non-employees

Principle 1

We are responsible for the personal information we collect about you.

We are committed to following our privacy guidelines and these principles whenever the Museopark or any other entity acting on its behalf collects or uses your personal information.


Principle 2

We will determine the purposes before collecting your personal information.

We collect personal information only for purposes directly related to the activities of our organization. For example, we only collect personal information about our customers when they provide it voluntarily in the following situations: to enter a contest or promotion, to send us feedback about our business, or to respond to a question or concern. Before collecting any personal information, we explain why we collect it.


Principle 3

We must obtain your consent before collecting, using, or disclosing any personal information about you.

We collect and use your personal information only after you have informed us and obtained your consent, except in special circumstances and if permitted by law. For example, we reserve the right to collect, use or disclose any information necessary to comply with any law, regulation or legal responsibility, protect our legitimate business interests, respond to your inquiries, or assist with any police or public safety investigation. . With the exception of these circumstances, you may at any time revoke your consent to use your personal information.

Principle 4

We collect only information required for specific purposes.

We only collect information required for defined purposes. We collect the information legally and fairly. For example, if you enter a contest, we need your name and contact information in order to contact you, if applicable. In addition, we may need additional information to verify the correct winner.

Principle 5

We limit the use and disclosure of your personal information.

If we collect personal information about you, we will only use it for the purposes identified. We will not disclose them without your knowledge to other persons or entities acting on our behalf. We retain the information only for the time required to fulfill the identified purpose.

Personal information that is no longer required for an end will be destroyed or rendered anonymous. We will sometimes send you commercial information with your permission, such as coupons, data on new product offers, etc. You will only receive such information from us if you have chosen it.

In managing its operations, the Museopark may disclose personal information to other entities such as professional advisors, suppliers or agencies. All entities with which we share personal information must comply with these guidelines.

The Museopark may engage other entities to perform a variety of services such as assistance during promotions or technical support of our websites and information technology systems. These entities may have access to personal data if this is necessary for the accomplishment of these tasks. However, these entities may only use this personal information for the sole purpose of performing the tasks for which the information was provided, and no other use is permitted.

The Museopark does not sell, assign, or share any personal information to entities outside of its own system. However, with your permission, we may occasionally send you commercial information on behalf of our promotional partners regarding products or services they provide that may be of interest to you. We may ask you if you would like to receive marketing materials from our partners. If you choose to receive this material, the Museopark will not share your personal information with these partners, but will instead send you emails on their behalf.

The Museopark reserves the right to use or disclose information in order to comply with any law, regulation or legal request, to protect the legitimate interests of the company, to respond to your requests or to cooperate with any judicial investigation or investigation. a problem of public safety.

Principle 6

We aim to use the most accurate information possible.

Generally, we collect personal information that you provide to us directly. In such cases, we take care to enter the data carefully, but in general we will make no further effort to verify or update it. For example, if you provide us with a phone number to reach you, we will assume that it is correct.

Principle 7

We will protect your personal information.

We protect all personal information that we collect and retain. We have safeguards in place to prevent loss or theft, unauthorized access, use, disclosure, copying, or modification. Where we transfer or disclose personal information to another entity, we require that entity to adhere to the principles set out in these principles and our guidelines for the protection of personal information.

Principle 8

We are open about our policies and practices.

The specific information that will be available to you pertains to how you access your personal information, including a summary of how it is used, general information about our privacy guidelines, and how to communicate with the public. Our privacy guidelines and principles can be found on our website.

Principle 9

You have the right to access your personal information.

We acknowledge that under these guidelines and certain laws, you have the right to access your personal information. To do this, you must submit a written request to the General Director of the Museopark:

Personal and confidential

General Director
Vanier Museopark
300 avenue des Pères Blancs
Ottawa K1L 7L5

Téléc. : 613 842 9871
Courriel :

Principle 10

You have the right to challenge our compliance.

If for any reason you are concerned about our compliance with these privacy guidelines, we encourage you to contact the General Director.

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