Tell me about Ottawa

Tell me about Ottawa is a project of the Vanier Museopark, jointly conducted by the Department of Canadian Heritage and the City of Ottawa in March 2007.

This initiative tells the story of the Francophone community in our region. French Canadians were among the first settlers in Ottawa. The project therefore focuses on the role and contribution of the Francophone community in the development of the country and its national capital. It presents a historical overview of key moments and lists commemorative sites, historic buildings, places of conservation and cultural and heritage initiatives in the city.

In 2010, Raconte-Moi Ottawa is renewed to parallel the 100th anniversary of the Ontario Francophonie Assembly and the creation of the Francophone Community Radio in Ottawa. This initiative will enrich the virtual exhibition with the names and years of foundation of the various Francophone organizations in Ottawa, the biographies of key figures, the names of public archives centers and a list of activities related to heritage and culture. ‘history of the city. The site then diversifies its subjects and looks at theater, geography, the various artistic fields in order to strengthen the Francophone identity and to mark the great place that the Franco-Ontarian heritage occupies in our region.

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