Mother Marie Thomas d’Aquin, Open-mindedness & Forward thinking

This exhibit details the history and origin of the congregation of the Sisters of the Jeanne d’Arc Institute, the only francophone women’s order founded in Ontario since 1919.

On March 8, 2022, to mark International Women’s Day, the Vanier Museopark organized a fascinating discussion on Jeanne Lydia Branda, better known as Mother Marie Thomas d’Aquin. A visionary and a go-getter, she founded the only congregation of French-speaking sisters in the country and her efforts contributed considerably to the advancement of the status of women in French-speaking Ontario. This virtual chat was hosted by Madeleine Meilleur and Yanick Labossière of the Vanier Museopark. Sister Yvette Papillon of Ottawa’s Sisters of the Jeanne D’Arc Institute and Andrée Lachaîne also joined in to discuss this remarkable woman’s journey.

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