Mother Marie Thomas d’Aquin and the Sisters of the Jeanne d’Arc Institute: A Congregation of Forward-thinking Women

Teachers, nurses, social workers… Women’s religious congregations were instrumental in shaping French Canadian society, whether it be by helping the less fortunate, caring for the sick or educating numerous generations. True precursors of a certain feminism, they often offered one of the only formative frameworks for young women who aspired to a career rather than the traditional path of housewives.

In a society long stifled by a certain conservatism, religious congregations often provided these women the opportunity to have a career in nursing, social work or management.

This exhibit explores the work of one of these congregations, the Sisters of the Jeanne d’Arc Institute, and of its founder, Mother Marie Thomas d’Aquin. Here, you will discover remarkable women practising several occupations, unfailingly devoted to welcoming and being open to others.


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