Le Droit – 100 years – {1913-2013}

This exhibition celebrates the centennial of the newspaper Le Droit and highlights its role in the Francophone community of Ontario. Since its creation in 1913, the newspaper has been fighting for the preservation of the Francophonie in the province. Over the years, it maintains a strong presence in the region and is able to evolve according to the changes brought about by each era.

The story of the newspaper is divided into four periods. From 1913 to 1938, Le Droit is considered a wrestling journal. Between 1938 and 1963, the paper made a transition to a greater distribution of information. Then, the period from 1963 to 1988 is described as that of the good years. Finally, between 1988 and 2013, the newspaper evolves and adapts to changes related to the electronic revolution.

The Law knows an increase in its projects, and accompanies the evolution of Canadian society through many changes. The exhibition illustrates the story of a newspaper that still exists today and has always prioritized Francophonie in our region.

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