Vanier. Our Place.

The Museopark’s new permanent exhibition illustrates the eventful history of the French-speaking community in the federal capital region, and more specifically the history of Vanier, Ottawa’s historically French-speaking district.

Discover all this heritage from the founding of Janeville and Clarkstown to the Vanier of today, including the development of Eastview. Discover the families and people, businesses and parishes that have left their mark on the history of this emblematic bastion of Ottawa’s French-speaking community. Learn about the White Fathers, missionaries from Africa who gave their name to the street on which our museum is located, and who built the very first sugar shack on the very spot where the Museopark still operates today.

The new exhibition “Vanier. Our Place” highlights Vanier’s history and that of its community, as well as its important contribution to the struggles of Ontario’s French-speaking community.


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