In 1984 Vanier City’s Triumvirat Vanier project, managed by Lorraine Jeansonne, planned to celebrate both the bicentennial of Ontario, the 75th anniversary of the creation of the village of Eastview, and the 15th anniversary of the adoption of Vanier’s name.

Many projects have also come into being as part of the Triumvirate, one of them being the creation of a costume collection. These costumes represent the waves of French immigration that settled in Janeville, Clackstown and Clandeboy between 1836 to 1913. These three villages were united in 1909 to form the village of Eastview, then renamed Vanier in 1969.

Each costume represents the dress style of one of the 23 regions of France at the time. Vanier City Council members unveiled the costumes at a parade at the Rideau Shopping Center.

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