Reservation and Rental

The Sugar Shack and the Museopark offer calm and atypical rental spaces, with a catering service full of flavorful cuisine prepared outside of the sugar season as well as a traditional sugar season menu prepared by Derek Marcotte.

Rental hours:

  • Monday-Friday between 8am and 9pm, with reservation
  • Saturday-Sunday between 9am and 9pm, with reservation

Seasonal menu hours (outside of Sugar Season) :

  • Monday-Sunday between 11am and 9pm for group reservations (20 people minimum)

Traditional menu hours (mid-February to end of April):

  • Wednesdays and Thursdays between 9am and 2pm for group reservations (15 people minimum)
  • Without reservation from Friday to Sunday between 9am and 2pm

Accommodation capacity:

  • Sugar shack: 40 people
  • Museum : 100 people

Why choose us?

  • Located in the heart of Richelieu Park, inside a 17.5 acres urban forest, in downtown Ottawa
  • Warm and luminous spaces
  • Competitive rates
  • Turnkey rental – catering service “discovery of flavor and awakening of taste buds” and choice of sommelier + staff for room set-up
  • Access for clients with reduced mobility [ramps and elevators], cars [free parking], cyclists [bike rack], and access to a bus stop [OC Transpo Route 20 (previously Route 19)]
  • All of our locations include free Wi-Fi access

Reservation and rental

Unit price per person, before taxes.

Currently unavailable until the reconstruction of our Sugar Shack

Rental Policy

Booking rental spaces

  • The contract holder must pay 100% of the rental fees no later than 5 working days before the date reserved. Access to the facilities will be granted once the payment has been made in full.
  • For reservation requests made less than 5 working days before the event date (including any changes to a paid contract), an administrative fee of 15% of the total amount may be added to the contract.
  • Additional labor fees may apply for any extra services requested, changing the event or new events requested less than 5 working days in advance.
  • Any rental involving the consumption of food must include the Museopark’s restaurant service. It is prohibited to bring your own food.
  • The Museopark also offers a selection of beers and wines. All alcohol to be consumed must come from the Museopark. It is prohibited to bring your own alcohol.
  • A 80$ cleaning fee will be systematically applied for the general cleaning of the rental space. The Museopark may also take all measures deemed necessary in order to compensate for major damages linked to the use by the contract holder.

Security and responsibilities

  • The contract holder must make sure to respect the maximum capacity of the sugar shack (40 people) and of the museum (100 people). Please note that meals are only served at the sugar shack.
  • All garbage must be sorted and disposed of in the respective bins. All glasses and bottles must be cleared from the tables.
  • The contract holder agrees to keep a reasonable noise level during the activity.
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside of the sugar shack and the museum.
  • In the case that the contract holder notices any irregular behavior or activities which could cause harm or damages to the property, they must act immediately and decisively to prevent participants and the grand public attending the event from engaging in such behavior.
  • Inside the museum, make sure that guests remain within the exhibition’s limits and that no food or drinks be left anywhere within the exhibition areas
  • The contract holder is responsible for returning the rented premises to their original condition. If the lessee fails to return the premises in a condition deemed satisfactory by the Museopark, the following procedure will apply: the Museopark will inform the contract holder of the situation and then proceed to clean the local – this expense will be deducted from the security deposit. The Museopark may also take any other measure judged necessary to compensate expenses made following the contract holder’s use of the premises. 

Food and alcoholic beverages

  • No food, drink, or alcoholic beverages other than those coming from the Museopark’s restaurant service are allowed on rental spaces.
  • The contract holder must comply with all municipal by-laws, including and not limited to anti-smoking regulations, noise regulations, sign regulations, and park regulations.
  • Sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages other than those provided by is forbidden, other than that provided by the Museopark.


  • The local may be altered only on the date and time mentioned in the contract.
  • All emergency exits must remain unblocked at all times, in case of fire or any other emergency.


  • The contract holder accepts to hold the Vanier Museopark harmless and secure from any claims, losses, costs or damages they might suffer or incur or for which they might be liable as a result of negligent acts or omissions by the contract holder of his obligations, failure to comply with the conditions mentioned above, or relative to hosting the event.


  • If cancellation happens less than 10 working days before the start of the rental period, no refund of the rental fees will be issued
  • If cancellation happens 11 working days or more before the start of the rental period, the Museopark will refund 50% of the rental fees to the contract owner.
  • The Vanier Museopark reserves the right to cancel an event if the contract is not signed and paid in full 5 working days before the event.
  • The Vanier Museopark reserves the right to cancel a rental contract at any time in case of emergency or any unforeseen situation happens, in which case the Museopark will do its best, without guarantees, to emit a cancellation notice within 24 hours following the decision. If the rental period extends over more than one day, cancellation may affect any one or multiple of the reserved days. The Vanier Museopark will make every effort to allow the contract holder access to the rental spaces at another date(s) or will grant a rebate proportional to the cancelled rental period.
  • The Museopark reserves the right to cancel the rental contract without notice if, according to its opinion, the contract holder or any other person using the facilities with permission from the contract holder willingly damage Museopark’s property, displays bad behavior, contravenes the terms of the lease or municipal by-laws and/or provincial or federal applicable laws.
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